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About Us

Retail & Hospitality Hub is the exclusive B2B community that inspires innovation and highlights best practices throughout the rapidly converging retail and hospitality sectors.

Retail and hospitality companies are venturing beyond their core competencies and traditional sales channels to acquire new customers, increase share and grow their overall revenues. Consider these examples:

  • To offset shrinking in-store sales, some fast-casual restaurant chains like Panera are offering home delivery of fresh grocery items.
  • Large format retailers like Kroger and Target are building small formats to emphasize convenience and appeal to urban shoppers.
  • Retail foodservice, often referred to as “Grocerant,” has long been a focal point for the U.S. grocery industry. Wegmans has taken it one step further by creating dine-in restaurants branded as Market Café.
  • Some urban Walgreens stores serve prepared foodservice items, including sushi.
  • Led by chain operators 7-Eleven, Sheetz and Wawa, the U.S. convenience store industry offset declining tobacco sales by growing its foodservice business over 30% in the past decade.
  • Often called “Next-Generation Retailing,” some luxury hotels are adding small retail spaces in order to generate new revenue and build deeper engagement with their guests.

COVID-19 increased the frenetic pace of channel blurring and forced many companies to view it as a necessity rather than a strategic choice. The Retail & Hospitality Hub was exclusively created to stay at the forefront of this transformation and showcase the best practices, thought-leadership and innovation that enable the entire industry to better serve its customers and grow.