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RollinGreens’ Plant-Based Taco Pack is Ready in Minutes


Meat-free tacos can be on the table in just seven to 10 minutes with a new shelf-stable taco pack from RollinGreens, which includes 100% plant-based protein made from peas, beans and other veggies.

One pack replaces 1 pound of ground beef and contains 60 grams of protein. It is soy- and gluten-free and serves about four people. RollinGreens’ pea protein is sustainably USA-grown.

The special recipe ensures tacos are perfectly pre-seasoned and full of flavor, but not overly spicy, so the whole family can enjoy. All consumers have to do is add water and cook on the stove for seven minutes and then put in their favorite taco shell.

RollinGreens is based in Boulder, Colo., with a focus on simple, clean, whole and sustainable ingredients. Click here to learn more.