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CyberDynamite Adds Confidence to Food Preparation


CyberDynamite co-founder Cole Harris says providing product value has been the crux for breaking into new chains during the pandemic. The company also remains focused on expanding within the concepts it currently serves.


We’ve all seen it: the smudged or unclear handwritten dates on plastic containers in restaurant kitchens that house new or recently prepared ingredients. This outdated method of noting the best by date requires about two-and-a-half hours per week of an employee’s time and is susceptible to human error.

Combining 30 years of restaurant operations and 10 years of app development experience, Doug Harris and his sons, Eli and Cole Harris, saw a clear path to a better method. In May 2019, the family founded CyberDynamite, a mobile app and software development company in Knoxville, Tenn., to bring innovative solutions to the industry.

CyberDynamite’s first product to market is PrepWizard, an app that provides an efficient way to print food prep labels for restaurants and franchises. “Handwriting expiration dates and shelf life charts takes 20 to 30 minutes per day,” Operations Manager Cole Harris says. “Employees hate doing the labels because it’s tedious and frustrating, but our app can knock it out in a minute. It’s a huge boost to employee morale.”

PrepWizard costs $60 per year to subscribe to the app, which Harris says is a fraction of the price of its competitors. CyberDynamite says its customers achieve a return on investment in less than six months.

Easy Onboarding

Rather than requiring a dedicated station and the purchase of a tablet like some of its competitors, CyberDynamite created PrepWizard to be downloaded on any smartphone or tablet. The company ships a customer a printer, rolls of labels and preloads their shelf life catalog. All that’s left to do is plug and play.  

PrepWizard’s printers provide clear and accurate labels with the correct best-by dates — whether the food items just arrived, are being prepped or are in production. Once the label is no longer needed, the label will dissolve when the container is washed so no residue is left behind.

New customers can be up and running in about one week. CyberDynamite’s PrepWizard is used by Papa John’s, Domino’s, Dairy Queen, Wing Stop, Sonic and other locations throughout the country. Because each of these companies have already submitted a shelf life PDF for food items, franchisees of these establishments only need to request equipment and download the app to get started. For large chains, ingredient shelf life is the same for each location. 

To date, PrepWizard is being used in more than 1,600 locations. Since the product’s inception, PrepWizard has maintained a 99 percent customer retention rate.

“Talking with our customers has given us an inside look on the pandemic’s effects to the restaurant industry,” Harris says. “We doubled down on our message that PrepWizard ensures safety and saves time, all while offered at an incredibly low price.”

CyberDynamite says providing product value has been the crux for breaking into new chains during the pandemic. It also remains focused on expanding within the concepts it currently serves. The company is working closely with its customers to continuously improve its product, regularly asking for feedback and making tweaks to the interface and functionality of PrepWizard.

CyberDynamite expects it will expand its product offerings in the future to include its hiring app, Shorthanded, and asset tracking app iEquiply. For now, the company remains focused on educating the industry on how PrepWizard can save time, money and improve the accuracy of food preparation labels.