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Keeping its Customers Profitable is Music to Service Novelty’s Ears


With its TouchTunes jukeboxes and quality sound systems, Service Novelty keeps its customers profitable and their guests happy.

A fun night out with friends and some beer or cocktails is not complete without good music. Service Novelty Company (SNC) understands this well, and with its dedication to a high level of service and quality entertainment options, the company helps to keep its customers profitable and their guests happy. The company’s commitment to service has kept it going since it was founded in 1938, and SNC continues today with the same promise to its customers. 

SNC was founded by Maurice D’Olive Sr. in May 1938, and at that time the business was focused on providing just about any store or bar with Wurlitzer and Rockola record jukeboxes. Back then there were many more drinking spots in rural areas, many of which added an area serving food. In 1981 his son – Maurice “Buddy” D’Olive Jr.– purchased the business and SNC started supplying its customers with video game machines, as well. The early 80s was a great time for his business with the introduction of all the new arcade games. 

In 2001, Maurice D’Olive III joined the family’s operation and helped to make it more profitable by providing customers’ businesses with TouchTunes jukeboxes.

“When I came on, it was me and my father serving local businesses,” President and CEO Maurice D’Olive III explains. “I took care of the business with my father, who taught me everything he knew about the [jukebox] business.

“The business was good with jukeboxes, and in April 2009 we installed our first Applebee’s location with a TouchTunes jukebox. This was the way to go – the only consistent thing in the industry making money was jukeboxes, instead of video games.”

D’Olive soon experienced that one jukebox could gross $200 to $4,000 per month, and that was where the family’s business needed to be, but it also needed to serve the bar and restaurant owners with additional services. 

Today, SNC also provides POS Systems and in-house advertising systems. 

D’Olive realized an opportunity with Applebee’s franchise operators, and began working to set up jukebox partnerships with more members of a franchise group. 

“The owner of the original group said the current leadership didn’t want any more jukeboxes, but I pressed on,” he explains. “Six months later, I met a manager, and he said he wanted a jukebox at his restaurant’s location. I installed it, although the partnership lasted two months until Applebee’s closed the location in December 2009.”

He ended up meeting a new director of operations and executive leadership from the original Applebee’s franchise during the closure, and they understood what SNC had to offer. From the relationships he built, D’Olive was able to install jukeboxes in Applebee’s throughout Texas. Next, he expanded to work with an Applebee’s franchise group in Nebraska which led to a group in Florida and a franchise owner that also had stores in Texas. Since then, Service Novelty has primarily been providing jukeboxes for Applebee’s locations across the United States.

Boosting the Bottom Line

SNC is now a leading provider of the TouchTunes jukebox in the United States. When working with its Applebee’s customers, SNC provides the jukebox and a premium sound package, which yields higher jukebox revenues and an enhanced guest experience. The company works with managers to determine the best placement for the jukebox, and it installs the jukebox on a handcrafted wood piece that matches the décor of the establishment. SNC’s digital interface allows the jukebox to switch between music selected by the Applebee’s background music and selections made by guests. 

The jukebox also has its very own background music feature that several franchises have chosen to utilize.  

“We provide the jukebox and additional sound system, which enhances the atmosphere with good acoustics,” D’Olive says. “It helps the bar owner drive incremental business and increase profits. The guest experience connection created results in increased visits, which equates to more for the business’s bottom line.”

SNC installs the jukeboxes and sound systems at no cost to the restaurant or bar owner, and then splits the net proceeds with each location, and accomplishes building incremental business for the bar/restaurant owner. 

D’Olive plans to keep expanding the jukebox business, and will entertain any bar or restaurant that wants a jukebox if the business partnership makes sense. The ultimate goal, he says, is to eventually expand into the gaming business and acquire the necessary licensing to provide casino games. He hopes his home state will one day pass legislation to open this door since he sees quite a future in this side of the business.