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The Company Behind the Mask: Why Tricol Clean is Ready to Serve Customers’ Needs

Need proof that mask wearing is cool? Tricol Clean’s most recent mask is a two-ply cooling mask made with jade technology.

Most people were introduced to wearing face masks last year when it became clear they needed to protect themselves and others from the spread of COVID-19.

For Tricol Clean Inc., however, masks and the protection they afford are not a novelty, but a core competency. In fact, by the time the China-based company began distributing its products in the United States in 2020, it had already been manufacturing face masks and other microfiber products for decades. “We excel at it,” U.S. Vice President of Sales Corey Robert Koscielniak declares.

Tricol says its masks can reliably and affordably protect workers (and their customers) in the hospitality, foodservice and related fields. We Zoomed with Koscielniak recently to learn more about the company and its products.

Retail & Hospitality Hub: What sets your masks apart and why should customers trust your brand?

Corey Robert Koscielniak: There are two main reasons. One, we’ve been making masks for a really long time — over 10 years for reusable masks and five years producing disposable three-ply masks, both non-medical and medical for the Chinese domestic market.

Two, we’re factory direct, so you’re getting competitively priced masks as fast as possible. Since we’re the manufacturer of these items, we can control for cost, quality and speed to market. We’ve built our assortment around different price levels, too.

RH Hub: Which Tricol mask is most popular with clients in hospitality or foodservice and why?

Koscielniak: Our most popular mask is our all-seasons three-ply reusable mask. It comes in an assortment of neutral blues and grays, but can be customized with logos or prints depending on the need.

Our most recent mask is the two-ply cooling mask with jade technology. That has received great feedback from the market and a lot of positive reviews.

Masks can get really hot. If you’re standing on a production line or at a welcome desk, you’re expected to be wearing a mask for a really long time. Our mask will alleviate the buildup and retention of heat, so the mask feels cool while you’re wearing it.

All of our reusable masks use an outer layer of microfiber powered with silver ion technology. The silver tech prevents the buildup of odor-causing germs so the masks won’t retain odors like conventional cotton and polyester cloth masks.

RH Hub: How can Tricol help customers in hospitality and foodservice?

Koscielniak: There are so many companies out there selling masks, and most of them had never developed a mask before March 2020. Our company has masks with over 10 years of product development behind them.

After the pandemic, mask demand will slow down, but our core business in microfiber janitorial cloths and mop pads as well as towels will remain. We’d love to work with companies that are looking to keep their supplier matrix at an efficient level, and can work with our customers across hundreds of items to support their hospitality and production line needs.

RH Hub: How does Tricol’s use of blockchain benefit customers?

Koscielniak: We partnered with [blockchain smart label specialist] Real Items for a blockchain authentication technology for our KN95 masks. With the unprecedented demand for this item, there were a lot of bad actors misrepresenting products from China and we realized quickly that we need a way to separate ourselves from that lot.

With the authentication technology, a user can scan the QR code and get an immediate notification that the item is authentic from our factory. It’s a way to earn trust with our customers so that they can feel secure in purchasing these products from us.

RH Hub: How can your masks help customers with their branding/marketing?

Koscielniak: All of our masks can be customized for our customers, either in retail private label or just by adding a logo to make an impactful brand statement.

RH Hub: It looks like sustainability is important to Tricol — how do your company’s environmental efforts benefit customers?

Koscielniak: We use the most sustainable manufacturing processes for all of our microfiber yarns, fabrics and finished products. Our microfiber fabric used in these masks is Oeko-Tex Standard 100-certified. And our business was first to market a certified recycled microfiber made from post-consumer plastic.

We currently carry microfiber cleaning cloths and mop pads that use the technology, and they’re great products to include in a company’s sanitation line. Using recycled janitorial products helps facilities earn points toward their LEED certification. It also is a great way to show your guests how you’re making your business operation more sustainable.

RH Hub: What does the post-pandemic future look like for Tricol?

Koscielniak: Tricol will continue to expand the business in safety and sanitation by offering even more innovative products that solve customer problems. Beyond our masks and microfiber cleaning segments, Tricol manufactures high-quality towels using a patented technology called Everplush. The towels absorb three times more water and dry 30% faster than conventional hotel towels, and stay soft after hundreds of washings.

RH Hub: Describe one or two of your company’s best practices in serving customers.

Koscielniak: With our new website Everplush.com, we’re able to offer individual properties and businesses an easy way to work with us. By contacting us, we can get them set up with a wholesale account and start shipping them any of our products within hours. We also offer very low minimum order quantities on masks: Disposable masks are just 50 units per order, and reusable masks just 45 masks per order.

A Mask for Every Need

Tricol Clean offers three product lines of masks, all backed by the company’s experience in manufacturing microfiber products. Plus, all of its reusable masks are odor and shrink-resistant — important considerations for workers who will wear them for hours at a time.

  • Cooling masks — Tricol’s newest mask product, these are designed to keep the wearer’s face feeling cool and dry. They are suited for working out or for double-masking over a disposable three-ply or KN95 mask.
  • All-seasons reusable threeply masks — Tricol’s original mask design features an adjustable nose bar for a perfect fit from nose to under the chin. It can be worn with a disposable KN95 filer insert for an extra layer of protection.
  • Warming masks — Ideal for outdoor use in the winter, this style has an inner layer of warming material to retain heat.