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Fans Flock Like Turkeys to Buy Arby’s Deep-Fried Turkey Pillow. Seriously


Will consumers pay $60 for a pillow? They might for this pillow. In fact, they did pay that for this pillow because it’s already sold out!

We’re talking about the Deep-Fried Turkey Pillow from Arby’s. This is not a joke, but it is a great marketing gimmick. And a good way to catch some Zs.

Atlanta-based Arby’s recently returned its deep-fried turkey sandwiches to its menu for a limited time during the holidays. To celebrate the occasion, Arby’s debuted its Deep-Fried Turkey Pillow.

Arby’s describes it is as “part stylish sleep mask, part cloud, part hat — and possibly your favorite pillow.” After launching the pillow recently, fans flocked like turkeys to purchase it. While the pillow sold out quickly, fans can still visit ArbysDeepFriedTurkeyPillow.com to enter for a chance to win a pillow. Fans can also try on a virtual pillow using Snapchat or Instagram filters.

“Our deep-fried turkey sandwiches are one of our guests’ returning favorites, and we wanted to take a different approach to this limited-time offering,” said Patrick Schwing, chief marketing officer of Arby’s. “This holiday season, leave the deep frying to us — the meat experts. And once you’ve enjoyed one of our deep-fried turkey sandwiches or the wrap, you can rest with the Deep-Fried Turkey Pillow. It’s the complete holiday experience.”

Speaking of the sandwiches, they include the Deep-Fried Turkey Club, Market Fresh Cranberry Deep-Fried Turkey Sandwich and Market Fresh Cranberry Deep-Fried Turkey Wrap.

We can imagine that someone who eats all three could then don the Deep-Fried Turkey Pillow, which is worn like a hat, and fall fast asleep. Yes, it looks very comfortable, if you don’t mind looking like a turkey. Check out a video of it here.