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How Bonchon’s New Design Embraces its Booming E-commerce Business

Bonchon’s new model will apply to select new franchise openings and new corporate restaurants.

Bonchon has a few balls in the air.

First, the restaurant brand, which is known for its Korean fried chicken, is relocating its New York City headquarters to Dallas by Jan. 1. Bonchon also is launching a fast-casual restaurant model that incorporates a new interior design, new service model and streamlined menu. The new model will apply to select new franchise openings and new corporate restaurants and will strengthen Bonchon’s ability to continue to grow online ordering, which currently accounts for over 50% of its current revenue, the company said.

The company said its move to Dallas aligns with plans to build a bigger retail footprint in Texas. Bonchon expects to open its first company operated fast casual Dallas restaurant in Addison, Texas, in February and anticipates another three to four openings, including a delivery and carryout only location, in Texas within the year.

“The shift to a new fast casual model combined with our corporate relocation to Dallas, will create an even stronger foundation for Bonchon’s continued national growth along with our accelerated growth across Texas,” said Flynn Dekker, CEO of Bonchon and a veteran of the Dallas restaurant business. “While harnessing our growing popularity in the United States, Bonchon has learned valuable lessons from the past few months. We have created an exciting and streamlined new design and a comfortable, sophisticated fast-casual experience for fans and initiates of our popular Korean fried chicken.”

The company said the transition of its corporate office will result in a more centralized location to better serve franchise partners on both coasts, while creating new opportunities for candidates in the Dallas region and also allow existing New York employees to transition to Dallas or work remotely. Bonchon has already begun hiring in Dallas and expects to add about 20 new employees, a number that is expected to grow over the next several years, in addition to the employees already added in the Dallas area.

Bonchon said its new fast-casual restaurant design captures the energy and momentum the brand is experiencing amid an acceleration in business over the last few months. The company said the new look “melds eye-popping colors and modern furniture with urban design and bold street art-inspired graphics.” Entering Bonchon, guests will glimpse photo murals reflecting stylized street scenes from Busan, South Korea, where the restaurant originated.

Bonchon said its newly condensed menu focuses on customer favorites as well as new recipes and menu enhancements stemming from innovative product testing.

Bonchon currently has 106 locations in the United States and 250 restaurants throughout Asia and the Middle East.