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Papa John’s: Pizzas Flying Out the Door is a Very Good Thing


Twice, as in two separate times, we tried to order pizza from Papa John’s last month. Both times, nobody answered the phone. Then we tried to order online and that wasn’t working either.

We had to show up at Papa John’s to order the pizza! We were told, “So sorry! We have been so busy!”

This particular Papa John’s wasn’t lying about the large number of pizzas flying out the door. And, apparently, the phones have been ringing off the hooks at most all Papa John’s locations because the Louisville, Ky.-based pizza giant, known formally as Papa John’s International, reported record sales for the second quarter ending June 28. The company said its second-quarter system-wide comparable sales in North America increased 28% from the second quarter last year.

“Faced with an unprecedented global challenge but guided by our values and purpose, Papa John’s achieved record sales in the second quarter,” said Rob Lynch, president and CEO, in a statement. “Across the U.S. and those international markets where delivery-based businesses have remained open, we have safely and successfully met the needs of millions of new and returning customers who have relied on us for pizza, Papadias and other food during the pandemic. This was possible because of the dedication and hard work of our team members and local franchisees, as well as our work to create a more diverse, inclusive and innovative culture.”

When we ordered from Papa John’s, both times we ordered the new Shaq-a-Roni pizza, a new pie the chain introduced in partnership with Shaquille O’Neal. Lynch said the new pie is a slam dunk.

“Helping drive growth, our innovation pipeline continues firing on all cylinders with the launch of our hugely popular new Shaq-a-Roni pizza, which has generated over $2 million in charitable contributions that will go toward building the communities we serve,” he noted.

The surge in business has also led to new hires — hopefully people to help answer the phones and make sure the Papa John’s app is working correctly.

“Our strong momentum has enabled us to hire over 20,000 new restaurant team members during the second quarter and target hiring another 10,000 positions in the third,” Lynch added.