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What Wingstop Is Doing to Fight the Chicken Wing Shortage


What do you do if you’re a chicken wing joint, and there’s a chicken wing shortage?

You get creative.

That’s what Wingstop has done. The Dallas-based chain of 1,400 locations nationwide has added a new virtual concept — Thighstop — to address the chicken wing shortage. Beginning June 21, customers were able to order chicken thighs through Thighstop.com and through the brand’s delivery partner DoorDash.

Wingstop’s marketing tagline behind the new initiative is: “Because thighs shouldn’t be relegated to a bucket of chicken.”

Thighstop is encouraging customers to try thighs, which the chain calls one of “the juiciest and most flavorful parts of the chicken.” The chain said customers can order the crispy thighs naked or sauced in one of 11 bold flavors. In addition to bone-in thighs, Thighstop is also introducing breaded boneless thighs.

“Wingstop pioneered the concept of chicken wings as a center-of-the-plate item,” said Charlie Morrison, CEO of Wingstop and Thighstop. “Although Thighstop is in its infancy, we’ve been exploring bone-in and boneless thighs as center-of-the-plate options for some time now as a way to offer fans new ways to enjoy Wingstop’s bold, distinctive and craveable flavors. We’re excited to bring Thighstop to the masses.”