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White Castle Introduces Packaging Suited for the Pandemic


Like many quick-service restaurants, White Castle is fighting back against the coronavirus by thinking creatively. The Columbus, Ohio-based chain has debuted the Crave Clutch to all restaurants and for a limited time (possibly meaning it will be gone when the pandemic is gone.)

White Castle, which claims it was the first fast-food hamburger chain to invent carryout, says the Crave Clutch holds 20 Sliders (its steamed burgers) of any variety, making it a good choice for family meals and small gatherings. That’s especially helpful now as people spend more time at home or outdoors in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the company said. It’s the first new package since White Castle introduced the 100-count Crave Crate in 2004. It also offers the 10 Sack and the 30-Slider Crave Case.

“The Crave Clutch has been something we’ve been working on behind the ‘Castle walls’ for a while,” said Jamie Richardson, vice president at White Castle. “Faced with the pandemic we decided that now is an ideal time to introduce this new size of Slider packaging. We’ll be here for Cravers when they need to feed a crowd, but today this is about taking care of their own family and close friends.”

The easy-to-carry Crave Clutch stands out from other White Castle packaging, according to the chain. It has a faux leather stitched cardboard handle, and one side looks like an old-school boombox, complete with an image of a blank cassette tape. White Castle will introduce a campaign on Instagram to coincide with the release of the Crave Clutch, asking customers to share the title of the song they most like to listen to when enjoying White Castle. White Castle will add these “snack tracks” to the boombox and repost the images on Instagram.

White Castle says it has focused on innovative packaging for years, dating back to 1927 when founder White Castle Billy Ingram came up with the concept of carryout food and created a bag so customers could buy Sliders by the sack. In 1931, White Castle started using individual boxes to package its Sliders. In 2001, White Castle introduced the Crave Case, a box of 30 Sliders. The Crave Crate arrived in 2004, holding Sliders and providing an easy way to transport and share them. White Castle says fans have always engaged with the packaging. Slider boxes, for example, double as stackable blocks, and the Crave Case has even been used as carry-on luggage.

The Crave Clutch bundle includes 20 Original Sliders and four small fries and costs $19.99 in most markets.

Columbus, Ohio-based White Castle owns and operates more than 360 restaurants. 


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