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Food Service New Product Spotlight

Heinz Debuts Touchless Condiment Server


With the restaurant and foodservice industry hit hard by COVID-19, Heinz said it is helping to restore consumer confidence in on-premise dining with the debut of the Heinz Keystone Automatic Dispenser. Made with motion sensor technology, the dispenser offers a 100% touchless condiment serving experience designed to eliminate shared touch points.

“As a partner to the foodservice industry, we wanted to do our part to develop a long-term, hands-free solution for operators, and we’re pleased to report that 94% of consumers said they’d feel safe using this Heinz Keystone Automatic Dispenser when dining out,” said Molly Scott, director of category marketing of foodservice for Pittsburgh-based Kraft Heinz. “We hope to see our innovative condiment technology leveraged by restaurants, as well as sports stadiums, amusement parks, movie theaters and concert venues next year.”

The Heinz Keystone Automatic Dispenser holds 1.5 gallons of Heinz Ketchup or any other foodservice condiment offered by Heinz, including mustard, mayo, ranch and more. Each touchless use delivers a pre-portioned 0.5-ounce serving to allow for more effective coverage on food.