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Manage Your TVs with LG Pro:Centric Catena


With diners returning to restaurants and bars in droves, the biggest concerns of most operators are safety and staffing. But what about TVs?

Your guests have grown accustomed (some would say dependent) to having total control of their own screens during the past year. But what if your establishment offers multiple TV monitors, potentially overwhelming your returning guests with a cacophony of sports, news and other entertainment options?

LG Business Solutions USA’s Pro:Centric Catena offers a unique benefit for your customers: a simple web app that allows patrons to select from the available live TV broadcasting and listen to the audio through their own smartphones and earbuds. LG Catena uses a unique way to manage lip-synch by separating the audio from the video stream on the premises and delivering it to the smartphone independently synchronized with the TV broadcast.

Bars and restaurants can play background music while each table or customer chooses which game or show they want to listen to via their smartphone. LG Catena also is a solution for gyms, hospitals and transit centers where multiple TVs display various channels, but their sound is muted. 

“Public-facing displays are effective tools for messaging and ambiance, and Pro:Centric Catena helps make it easier for business owners to ensure their customers have great experiences without requiring constant staff supervision or assistance,” said Richard Lewis, vice president of technology for LG Business Solutions USA. “Customers gain a personalized experience, business owners and staff get peace of mind that TVs will always be easy to control, and maintenance is simplified by installers’ ability to log in remotely and diagnose minor issues. All of this further enhances the value of connected displays.”

You can download a brochure here about Pro:Centric Catena.