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Food Service New Product Spotlight

TacoTime Teams with Doritos on New Offering


TacoTime, a foodservice chain known for serving freshly prepared, home-style Mexican fare, is adding to its lineup with the new Doritos Bag n’ Go Taco, which will be available for a limited time in stores until July 27.

Starting at $3.99, the Doritos Bag n’ Go Taco features Doritos nacho cheese tortilla chips loaded with seasoned ground beef, Jalapeño cheese sauce, lettuce, salsa fresca and sour cream — all packed in a bag and ready to eat.

“Our customers can always count on us to come up with innovative and adventurous new menu items, and these tacos really pay homage to the beloved snack food while incorporating an unexpected twist,” said Kim Heath, director of marketing for Kahala Brands, parent company of Scottsdale, Ariz.-based TacoTime.

TacoTime, founded in 1960, has over 200 franchised restaurants across the U.S. and Canada.