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Food Service New Product Spotlight

There’s a Reason Krispy Kreme is Introducing Mini Doughnuts


Krispy Kreme is introducing mini donuts for a limited time because the chain wants its customers to remember that no accomplishment is too small to celebrate as we begin the new year. “What better way to reward your ‘mini wins’ than with mini doughnuts?” Krispy Kreme asked in a press release.

The Mini Dessert Doughnut Collection is inspired by four fan-favorite desserts, including lemon bar, strawberry cheesecake, chocolate chip cookie dough and birthday cake. Customers can try all four of the mini donuts in a four-count box or a 16-count box offering.

“Coming off 2020, celebrating any and all wins — including small ones — is a way we can keep each other’s spirits up,” said Krispy Kreme Chief Marketing Officer Dave Skena. “Our Mini Dessert Doughnut Collection is a great way to celebrate the little wins to bring out the big smiles that keep us going.”