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5 Fast-food Restaurants with Most Loyal Followers


The United States has more than 350,000 fast-food locations, but five quick-service restaurants come out on top with the most loyal customers, according to Fox Business.

Starbucks reigns supreme as the chain with the most devoted customers, according to data platform Foursquare’s Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Loyalty Index. “It’s not all about burgers and fries,” the report stated. “The top 10 QSRs show significant variety in terms of menu focus.”

The top five restaurants with the most loyal following are:

1. Starbucks

2. McDonald’s

3. Dunkin’

4. Sonic

5. Subway

To increase brand loyalty, Foursquare suggests segmenting customers into highly loyal, moderately loyal and disloyal categories to customize communications to each segment. The study also suggests measuring media’s impact on visit frequency, deliver location-contextual message to consumers and tailor creative messaging to consumer preferences and behaviors, which vary based on the time of day. 

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