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How’s My ‘Smize?’ Eye Makeup Sales Are Eye-Popping


(iStock/ LightFieldStudios)

Show of hands, ladies. Who among us has put on a full face of makeup on every day over the past six months? If you’re like me, there are some days you might put it on to feel “normal,” but most days I’m au naturel or apply eye makeup.

This is a major change of mine and I’m sure of many women’s daily routines. Not covering up our entire perfectly imperfect faces is also saving us a boatload on monthly makeup expenses. When is the last time you bought lipstick? Probably not since earlier this year or late last year.

Why? Because the pandemic mask mandates have rendered that cosmetic basically useless. The one time I had a full face of makeup on and ran into a store wearing my mask, the mask ended up wearing more of it than me. So, why bother?

The beauty trend on the rise now is eye makeup. I think Heather Elrod, CEO of Amazing Lash Studio, explained it best: “There’s a new [word] with mask requirements — ‘smize’ — which means smiling eyes, and it is certainly impacting our business. It’s worth noting that when wearing masks, our eyes are an even more powerful form of personal expression than before.”

Eye makeup sales are up 204% year over year for the three-month period ending June 28, according to Business Insider. Several Amazing Lash Studio locations, a chain of more than 250 beauty boutiques in the United States, reported a 22% increase in digital clients leads since the start of the pandemic.

Emily Raburn, a multi-unit Amazing Lash Studio franchisee in Lubbock and Amarillo, Texas, said she has seen a 46% spike in year-over-year client leads since COVID-19 began.

“Eye cosmetics will continue to trend upward,” she added. “People are using their eyes as a canvas, and pretty lash extensions, or a lash lift or tint can make their eyes beautiful through those things. When they have that mask on, that’s all you’re going to see. It makes them feel beautiful and helps them express feelings through it.”


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