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This Hawaiian Lemonade Stand Hopes to Wow Texans


Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonade’s made-from-craft gourmet lemonades and healthy menu items are coming to San Antonio, Texas, thanks to long-time patron turned franchisee Desiree Cuellar.

“Wow Wow holds a special place in my heart; the lemonade stand is comforting for me, connecting me to my hometown of Phoenix and my college years in Oahu,” Cuellar said. “I’m looking forward to helping others create the fond memories I have with the brand, while being able to experience all the unique menu items the restaurant will offer.”

Cuellar grew up in Arizona and went to college in Oahu: two homes of Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonade stands. A fitness fanatic, she was passionate about Wow Wow’s lemonades, acai bowls and other post-workout food options.

On a recent hot day in Texas, Cuellar longed for a Wow Wow lemonade, which led her to explore franchising. Cuellar’s Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonade location will open in San Antonio next spring.

“We are thrilled to welcome Desiree and her business partners to our ‘Ohana (Hawaiian term for family). Her excitement and passion for the brand, mixed with her dedication to get the job done is exactly what we look for in every franchisee,” said Tim Weiderhoft, CEO of Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonade. “Having lived in San Antonio, I know this is the perfect market for the brand. With the increase in millennials and young adults to the area, Wow Wow is sure to thrive.”