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Learn How Marcoat Sets New Standards

Marcoat Hotel Restoration has a portfolio of prominent clients in the hotel and restaurant industry, including full-service hotels and restaurant brands.


Based in Brooklyn, N.Y., Marcoat Hotel Restoration (MHR) provides grout and tile restoration services to hotels and restaurants. These offerings include its Ruff Trax product and installation services, where it has used its GS and ES epoxy products for re-grouting.

When brands and general contractors hire contractors to restore their facilities, they are trusting them with their livelihoods, Principal John Squitieri says. This makes it important to hire someone with extensive experience, which MHR and Marcoat Ruff Trax brings to every one of its projects.

The management team members at the company have spent much of their professional lives servicing hotels and restaurants and pride themselves on solving their clients’ problems. “By developing products and methods, we have found a very receptive audience with brands, hotels and restaurants, ownership groups and GCs, and with facility project managers,” Squitieri says.

According to Principal Greg Schall, the company’s team created its services and epoxy products with its associates’ combined 40 years of development experience. Instead of following the preconceived notions of what flooring products “should be,” MHR strived to bring a fresh perspective to the business.

Squitieri goes on to say that it asked what problems the company needed to solve for its clients. “Once we knew the benchmarks, we set ourselves the goal of meeting or exceeding the performance standards needed in commercial floors in the hotel and restaurant market,” he says.

MHR’s hard work has paid off as it has been able to provide products that exceed the lives of those offered by competitors. 

“Hotels and restaurants are used to having grout that constantly fails,” Schall says, causing many years and millions of dollars of repair costs that are associated with the life expectancy of the brand’s facilities. 

“It’s been part of the process,” Schall continues, adding that “with our materials, the forecasting of failed product is no longer an issue, and specific brands are saving millions a year in repair and maintenance costs that have been a typically annual budgeted item. In fact, we have been chosen by three of the biggest restaurant brands in the country to be the exclusive supplier of grout for the back of house operations.”  

Squitieri and Schall both say, “In addition to the advantages of Marcoat grout and its proven durability as the best product on the market is the fact that we are the manufacturer/supplier (and installer if a facility desires). With our ability to do installations nationwide, we know, through 20 years of installations, that the product will not fail and if it does, we fix it. 

“What this means in the marketplace is that there is no question as to who is responsible for any potential product failure at a facility. No more litigious confrontation between a subcontractor and GC. Or, a GC and owner or, the manufacturer and GC/sub. Marcoat accepts any breakdown and provides a 100% guarantee on any product, adopting a ‘no questions asked’ policy.”   

Satisfied Customers

MHR client The Cheesecake Factory has used its ES commercial kitchen grout product since 2003. “[They] have now specified it as the only grout to be used in their newly constructed restaurants, as well as … all existing stores undergoing a retrofit,” Schall reports.

Chick-fil-A recently tested the Marcoat ES product in its locations throughout New York City. “We believe that it’s only a matter of time before Chick-fil-A and several of the biggest brands in the country goes the route of The Cheesecake Factory and specifies our product as the only one to be used in the back of the house,” he declares.

MHR has a portfolio of prominent clients that are in the hotel and restaurant industry, as well. Schall notes that the company has serviced many full-service hotel and restaurant brands nationwide. 

One of the most rewarding hotel projects, Squitieri notes, was the work that MHR performed at The Knickerbocker hotel in several hundred guestroom bathrooms in New York City’s Times Square. 

“We polished the marble floors and walls of all the guest rooms,” he recalls, noting that MHR also helped the hotel fix leaks in the guest bathrooms that were caused by poor construction using its durable products.

“With our proprietary grouts and marine epoxy caulk, we were able to stop the leaks and were contracted to re-grout and re-caulk all 325 guest rooms,” Squitieri recalls, adding that MHR also provided the hotel with a five-year no-leak warranty.

Filling the Gaps

Over the years, MHR focused on serving clients in the restaurant space from New York to Washington, D.C. But customers have asked it to expand its reach, driving the company, on top of its own crews that service the Northeast territory, to build a nationwide network of certified contractors who are located in areas it does not service itself.

“[We] have trained them in the ways to install Marcoat in new and existing restaurants,” Schall says, noting that the contractors can purchase their materials from the company and take advantage of the 20-year warranty on the product. “There are no middlemen.”

MHR plans for these contractors to begin serving clients immediately with many companies mobilizing crews nationwide. “Several of our current tile companies can mobilize crews rapidly,” he says. 

“In addition, we can quickly and easily train new companies that are referred to us by a restaurant company,” he adds.

Schall and Squitieri see a strong future ahead for their company. “With the reputation we have developed with many of the major hotel and restaurant companies, we believe our products and accompanying services will allow Marcoat to remain at the forefront as a provider of products and services for years and years to come,” they predict.