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AHA Helps Hospitality Professionals ‘Raise the Bar’ With COVID Training Courses


It’s never too late to brush up on safety measures, and The Academy for Hospitality Arts (AHA) is ready to help hospitality professionals do that. AHA recently introduced new COVID-19 training courses to help hotels and restaurants reopen safely and stay that way.

According to The Academy, the coronavirus is still an issue for dining establishments, even though vaccine distribution is underway. AHA has worked behind the scenes to teach service industry workers on mitigating the spread of the virus and train front-of-house management on high standards of safety, sanitation and compliance.

“These programs will increase the confidence of both foodservice workers

and the customers we serve.”

It also has overhauled its education program to ensure it meets the health standards set by the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Currently, AHA offers its COVID-19 Readiness Program for wait staff and servers, and its COVID Hospitality Compliance Officer program for managers. Both prepare professionals for increases in daily protocols from cleaning and disinfecting as well as the increase in protection of customers.

The programs also give guidance on conflict resolution protocols and the identification of symptoms, isolation precautions and more. “COVID-19 safety standards have raised the bar like never before,” AHA President and founder Michael DiPeri said. “These programs will increase the confidence of both foodservice workers and the customers we serve.”

The safety training mission of both programs is to reinforce a culture of safety for staff and guests, as well as help businesses avoid incurring costly fines. “Our graduates serve as the frontline compliance officers to make sure everyone from food servers and bussers to bartenders and management are protecting customers and the safety of everyone,” Director of Training and Development Stephen Ruggieri added.