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Hotel Industry Updates

Enseo Sees Strong Hotel Industry Response to its Touchless Technology


Not all companies can say that they have adapted well to the tumultuous times of the COVID-19 pandemic, but Enseo can. The technology service company reports that it has earned more than 10 patents this year, including several related to touchless technology and remote controls. But the firm also has seen a boost in hotel adoptions of its enseoCONNECT technology.

The product, which Enseo created with its sister company, Catapult Technologies, allows guests to use their mobile phones as controllers for the TV, lights and thermostat in their hotel rooms. They also can get status updates on the sanitization time and procedures that were used in a particular room, or even a classroom if the product is installed in a school.

“I have been advised that investing heavily in technology lowers our profitability as a business,” Enseo CEO and founder Vanessa Ogle said. “enseoCONNECT is a perfect example of why technology investment is always worth it. Enseo invested our resources and had a product ready when the need arose. We are part of the solution to bring travel and back-to-school back to normal.”

According to Enseo, the product has become one of its fastest-launching products in its history, with early numbers well over 20,000 hotel rooms. In addition, the company recently won Hospitality Technology Next Generation’s 2020 TechOvation Award for enseoCONNECT. “During these unprecedented times, Enseo continues to innovate and create patented technologies that instill trust and confidence to all,” it says.