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Holiday Inn Detroit Northwest Uses Quore to Ensure Guest Satisfaction


Hotels are finding new strategies and partners to be essential in helping them cope during the pandemic. One partner that has been critical for the Holiday Inn Detroit Northwest in Livonia, Mich., is Quore, a provider of workflow management and productivity tools for hotels. Although the hotel temporarily suspended its use of Quore, it brought it back when guest satisfaction suffered.

Because it did not have the help of Quore, the hotel found itself unable to communicate with guests without contact, or send information between shifts and departments. The Holiday Inn also found the process of documentation and tracking via notebook to be cumbersome and time consuming and did not justify cost savings.

“I really wanted to make sure my staff had the tools to do the job, that our guests weren’t inconvenienced and that our work orders were still able to be effectively handled,” General Manager Travis Maschino recalled. “I also had to make sure that we continued documentation of our room PMs and our deep cleanings because unfortunately with a pandemic, we still have to do those things.”

But once the hotel reinstated Quore, its operations and customer satisfaction significantly improved. “In addition to operational protocols and procedures constantly evolving, so are guest expectations,” Quore COO David Fox said. “We’re proud to provide a solution that offers some sense of normalcy and consistency to hotel staff. It’s humbling and inspiring that we play a role in getting our customers, like Travis and his team, through this tumultuous time.”


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