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Hospitality Industry Bursting at Seems with Jobs


It’s no surprise that hospitality-related job postings are up 58% from this time last year. But it may be a surprise that postings are up 28% from 2019’s pre-pandemic job postings.

This is according to PeopleReady, a Tacoma, Wash.-based staff company that specializes in a wide range of blue-collar industries. With more than 310,000 jobs posted in the last 30 days, the number of current openings in the hospitality industry has soared to roughly 1.3 million, the company says.

“As the world opens back up, there is a hiring boom in the hospitality industry,” said Taryn Owen, president of PeopleReady. “And, whether you’re a recent graduate from high school or college or just someone looking for a side gig, opportunities are abundant right now. From servers and bartenders to cooks and concession workers, there is a high demand for hospitality workers in events and venues in particular.”

PeopleReady says the roles most in demand right now include waitstaff, bartenders, servers, cooks and food preparation workers, janitors and housekeepers, and hosts and hostesses. Many areas of the industry are offering short-term work, and there will be long-term or more permanent roles available as well, according to PeopleReady.

“Our customers are at the forefront of bringing back many of those activities and events people missed the most over the past year, from going to a baseball game to seeing a concert or traveling and staying in a hotel,” said Kristy Willis, chief sales officer for PeopleReady. “What we’re seeing is not just a hiring surge as people and businesses look to get back to normal; the number of hospitality industry job opportunities are higher now than they were before the pandemic, resulting in more opportunities for job seekers.”