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Hotel Industry Updates

Hyatt, Courtyard Marriott and Hilton Adopt Kontactless at Multiple Locations


The need to limit contact between customers and employees during the coronavirus pandemic continues to drive innovation in the hospitality sector. This week, tech provider Kallpod announced that Hyatt, Courtyard Marriott and Hilton had implemented its Kontactless mobile ordering, payment and feedback solution at selected locations.

Thanks to QR code technology, customers can use the Kontactless system to order food, beverages and merchandise at a restaurant, bar, hotel or event venue and have it delivered to where they are sitting. After scanning the QR code at their table or seat, users are brought to a webpage where they can place the order, make payments, track its progress and leave feedback.

Although the Kontactless technology was not developed with COVID-19 in mind, it fits the needs of people who are interested in limiting human contact and the use of commonly touched surfaces. “Kontactless represents an amazing step forward for the hospitality industry, and we are proud to work with such exceptional brands to bring this solution to the marketplace,” CEO and founder Gabriel Weisz said.

“We began work on Kontactless in 2019 to meet growing guest preferences for a more efficient experience when dining out and attending events,” he continued. “Having built a significant footprint in the hospitality industry over the last decade, we were well-positioned to address customer concerns while, at the same time, increasing efficiency and productivity for operators.”