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Surprise! Duetto’s Pulse Report Shows That Travel is On the Rise

(Photo credit: Duetto)

Key takeaways:

•Duetto’s Pulse Report showed increases for North America’s hotel markets.

•The industry enjoyed a boost from Labor Day weekend, which was its first true increase in hotel performance since the pandemic took hold.

•Travelers are opting for more remote locations, as opposed to urban.

To say the hospitality sector has had a tough spring and summer would be an understatement. But thankfully, the latest edition of Duetto’s Pulse Report, which tracked hotel business metrics from Aug. 24 to Sep. 6, showed increases for North America’s hotel markets. According to Duetto, the industry got a shot in the arm from Labor Day weekend and enjoyed the first true boost in hotel performance since the COVID-19 pandemic took hold.

“People’s determination to travel is resilient,” Duetto CEO David Woolenberg said. “Our data shows us, from hotels across the nation, people are willing to spend longer hours in the car than ever before to arrive at a destination of leisure.”

One particular surprise over the Labor Day weekend, he noted, was that there was an increase in travel in Tennessee. “While bookings in Nashville were down, people were enjoying the rest of the state,” Woolenberg said. “It’s a great example of people opting for more remote locations, as opposed to urban.”

In addition, Duetto says, traditional drive-to markets saw positive increases in new bookings and an increase in demand over Labor Day. Tennessee saw a 439% percent increase (except for Nashville), Colorado experienced a 432% increase, Louisiana enjoyed a 590% increase, Nevada a 272% increase, California a 283% boost, and Florida had an increase of 189%.

One of Duetto’s customers, AutoCamp, which specializes in Airstream experiences, had a booking increase of 37% compared to Labor Day 2019 at its Yosemite property. “We’re so grateful to provide an option for those looking to get away in these unprecedented times,” AutoCamp Head of Sales and Revenue Vinny Cuneo said. “Each of our Airstream Suites is perfectly set up for self-isolation, complete with custom-designed fire pits and private decks.”


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