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Travel Webinar Finds Consumers Want More Transparency, Respect and Consistency



It is a difficult time for the travel industry, which may make it more important than ever for hospitality companies to take a moment, listen to thought leaders and determine what clients are looking for. The recent Travel Again and Travel Better: Creating a Better Travel Experience for The Future” webinar, hosted by Travel Fairness Now, found that the need for greater transparency, simplicity, respect and consistency were quite important among clients.

One of the panelists, Henry Harteveldt, the president of Atmosphere Research Group and a travel industry analyst and advisor, said that people are looking for reassurances from those in the industry — such as airlines and hotels — that they will keep people safe from a health standpoint. “But this pandemic has not dampened our thirst or passion for travel,” he noted.

“It may be a short-term block, if you will, an obstruction,” he continued. “We will travel again. But we want the travel companies to be transparent with us and don’t beat around the bush. Tell us what we are going to get and what we are not going to get so our expectations are fairly managed.”

JT Genter, a freelance editor for AwardWallet and a freelance writer for Forbes Advisor and NerdWallet, expressed the need for simplicity and transparency. “I see from my own family members and friends how different hotel and airline policies can really confuse them,” he commented. “Thinking about the future, if I could redesign travel, I would make it as transparent as possible.

“If you look at credit cards, all the fees and charges are very clearly displayed,” he continued. “Why can’t it be that way with travel suppliers? Airlines and hotels aren’t required to provide the facts on what they are providing.”


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