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Hotel Industry Updates

Tripadvisor Helps Hotels Navigate the Pandemic and Rebuild Traveler Confidence


This week, travel platform Tripadvisor announced the launch of its new Spotlight and Reputation Pro technology solutions for hotels. Both aim to help hospitality companies rebuild traveler confidence while also attracting new clients and making data-driven decisions that will allow them to boost profitability.

Spotlight and Reputation Pro utilize the latest technology and software, as well as Tripadvisor’s reach and scale. “Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve increased our focus on making the business of hospitality easier for hoteliers,” Tripadvisor General Manager of Hospitality Solutions Martin Verdon-Roe said.

“Now, more than ever, they need actionable insights and easy-to-use tools that help build their brand and maximize their profitability, all while saving them time,” he continued. “The launch of Spotlight and Reputation Pro, alongside our existing Business Advantage and Sponsored Placement solutions, marks a huge step forward in our efforts to help hoteliers navigate the pandemic in the short term and position their business for a return to profitable growth in the long term.”

Tripadvisor built Spotlight in partnership with OTA Insight. The technology uses Tripadvisor’s reach and insight into where travelers are looking for rooms with other travel data to allow hoteliers to anticipate future demand and ensure their properties are priced competitively. They also will be able to monitor parity issues across their distribution channels.

“Now, more than ever, [hoteliers] need actionable insights and easy-to-use tools that help build their brand and maximize their profitability, all while saving them time.”

“OTA Insight and Tripadvisor are both industry leaders in data intelligence with a shared culture of disruptive innovation,” OTA Insight CEO Sean Fitzpatrick said. “Our partnership with Tripadvisor will provide hoteliers with access to unique traveler demand insights to navigate challenging market conditions and find new revenue opportunities.”

Tripadvisor’s Reputation Pro system is designed to help hotels restore the consumer confidence that has been lost during the pandemic. Hoteliers, the company explains, can leverage Tripadvisor’s heritage as the review platform that people trust to increase that confidence and accelerate their collection of quality reviews, receive real-time review notifications and respond to reviews across multiple platforms.

“[They also can] access Tripadvisor’s industry-leading review insights, including sentiment analysis, to identify specific aspects of the guest experience that are driving positive or negative feedback and make adjustments to the customer offering that improve the hotel’s brand reputation,” Tripadvisor adds.