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Robots Can Help Hotels Disinfect Small, Narrow Spaces

(Photo credit: Business Wire)

The hospitality industry is looking for new ways to keep spaces clean and people safe. UVD Robots can offer it a solution with its disinfection robots, which the company says are seeing demand from hotels, airports, cruise ships, hospitals, shopping malls, food companies, cleaning industries and office complexes in more than 60 countries.

This week, the company announced that it had introduced the third generation of its new autonomous mobile robot that can eliminate viruses and bacteria in the air and on surfaces through the use of UV-C light. But what makes UVD Robots’ new offering applicable to hotels is its ability to navigate and operate in very small and narrow environments, which opens the company to market opportunities such as the disinfection of small hotel rooms.

“Our third-generation autonomous mobile UV-C disinfection robot is the world’s first of its generation and definitely a game-changer in many ways that will forever change the future of the use of UV-C robots for disinfection across a range of industries,” UVD Robots Chairman of the Board Claus Risager said. “The robot has an unrivaled safety system that uses four layers of safety, enabling the robot to move around in all kinds of environments — even in highly-trafficked areas — as it shuts down if people get too close.

“It has a unique capability to sense, document and show users how well-disinfected an area is, enabling users to easily and quickly adjust the process and optimize the quality if needed — a feature not found in any other UV-C disinfection robot in the world,” he continued. “All these unique features are patented.”


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