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Hotel Industry Updates

Yesterday’s Hotel Room is Today’s Office Space


No business has gone untouched by the impacts of COVID-19, particularly the hotel industry. But the sector is not staying stagnant as people travel less for rest and relaxation. Instead, KPIX-TV reports, hotels are changing their guest rooms into office spaces where people can focus on getting work done.

This fits the need of professionals in San Francisco’s Bay Area, the station says, as working from home becomes more of a long-term option. For example, the Harmon Guest House, in Healdsburg, Calif., offers guests the option of booking one of its Founders Suites for 12 hours for $300, along with access to amenities.

Circe Sher, the president of Piazza Hospitality — which owns Harmon Guest House — told KPIX-TV that many customers have been given the option to work remotely and will want to take advantage. However, “They’re going to go to different places and escape the noise at home and have the opportunity to really concentrate,” Sher added.

Thanh Nguyen, who runs a service business, has found this escape by working at the hotel instead of around his children at his home. “They just come marching in and I’m on my Zoom call talking about a presentation that we’re delivering, and they’re marching and playing, and, you know, it’s cute, it’s humanizing, everybody has to deal with it, but it’s a distraction,” he told the station.


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