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Hotel New Product Spotlight

Company Introduces Guest Engagement Solutions


Nevotek, a cloud-based solution provider for the hospitality market, has introduced two guest engagement solutions in response to the increasing demand to enhance the convenience of guest experiences while increasing the efficiency of hotel operations. 

Grace is a guest messaging platform solution that enables real-time messaging of guests’ choices like WhatsApp, Messenger and WeChat without them having to download another app. As Grace is easily integrated with a hotel’s existing property management system, hotel staff can recognize guests and act smarter about their needs. For example, texting only “extra pillow” is enough for a guest. No room number or name is required.

NevoTouchless combines both TV remote and in-room telephone functions in a guest’s own mobile device. It’s designed for touchless in-room controls and lets guests access hotel services by only scanning a QR code on the TV screen, which is activated on NevoTV technology.

Grace and NevoTouchless ensure minimized face-to-face interaction between guests and staff while keeping personalized engagements as well as business efficiency. For example, guest experiences can be enhanced by accelerating hotel check-ins and checkouts, room service orders and other concierge requests through access from guests’ mobile devices.

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