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Hotel New Product Spotlight

Easy Ice Offers a Sanitary, Touch-free Option for Ice Dispensing


Easy Ice, a full-service ice machine subscription company, has introduced touchless ice dispensers to its national leasing program inventory. The fully automated machines can dispense ice and water without users having to touch the machine’s surface.

This helps reduce the risk of accidental contamination in the ice supply. “We felt strongly about adding touchless ice machines to our subscription program,” CEO Mark Hangen said. “It provides a cost-effective and sanitary solution for our clients who now more than ever are concerned about ice contamination. We strive to provide the most efficient inventory to our customers and this addition was crucial to move forward safely during the pandemic.”

The machines also eliminate the transference of pathogens to a surface where they can end up in a person’s drink ware. To learn more, go to www.easyice.com.