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Omni CleanAir’s Purification Devices Help Hotels and Restaurants Reopen Safely


Omni CleanAir — a manufacturer of commercial-grade air purification systems — has introduced its OCA Professional Series of portable purification devices to eliminate the dangers of pathogens such as COVID-19 and help businesses reopen safely, including hotels, restaurants, schools, offices, and medical and dental practices. “Our mission is to eliminate the illnesses caused by unhealthy air,” President Paul de la Port said.

“Our new solution eliminates 99.99% of dangerous airborne particles, inactivates viruses and bacteria, and does so at the same ventilation rates required by hospitals,” he added. The units utilize high-capacity airflow, ultraviolet germicidal irradiation, and HEPA filtration to remove dangerous airborne particles and disable pathogens as quickly as every five minutes.

According to Vice President Jason Wilbur, the new portable air purifier exceeds medical-grade air purification standards. “The device can be set up in minutes without any training,” he stated. “These systems will enable professionals to confidently resume operations and once again serve their customers, patients, students and communities.” For more information, visit www.omnicleanair.com/.