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Safe Spacer Helps Workers Keep Their Distance

(Photo credit: PRNewsfoto/IK Multimedia)

During the coronavirus pandemic, social distancing has become essential to keeping people safe, particularly in the workplace. Sometimes it can be difficult to know if someone is near you until it is too late — but that is where Safe Spacer can help. The wearable device can help hotels, factories, offices and other workplaces by letting employees know when another worker is getting close to them.

Safe Spacer, which is available to be worn on a lanyard, wristband or belt loop, detects when units worn by workers are within six feet and gives the wearer a warning, which can be conveyed via a visual, vibrating or audio alarm. Accessories also are available for businesses to easily charge and sync their Safe Spacers, including the S-Charger docking/charging station, which can charge 25 of the units at the same time.

The products also can be connected to a computer running Safe Spacer’s free software, which allows user to access compliance and collision data and customize their settings. To learn more, visit www.safespacer.net.