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AAM President Cites Succinct Best Practices to Confront Job Loss


Scott Paul says big corporations receiving federal aid need to bring more jobs back to America.

When he heard the news from the Bureau of Labor Statistics that the manufacturing sector lost lost 18,000 jobs in March, Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) President Scott Paul recommended three succinct best practices the country needs to take to bring those jobs back and others that have been lost because of the coronavirus crisis.

“First, Congress must pass a robust infrastructure package to create jobs and rebuild America,” Paul said. “Second, the administration shouldn’t do importers a special favor by delaying tariff collection. Third, we should insist that any big corporation receiving federal aid bring more jobs back to America.” 

The bulk of March’s factory job loss was in durable goods, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which also said the data collected in mid-March likely only provides a hint of the losses that have actually taken place.

“There will be no easy way out of this crisis for millions of Americans, and this jobs report reflected just the very start of the collapse,” Paul added. “The relief package passed by Congress may allow some businesses and families to tread water for awhile, but much more needs to be done.”


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