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GOJO Might Have Nation’s Most Popular Best Practice Product for Coronavirus


GOJO said it’s working closely with distributors to make sure its products are available.

GOJO is going full tilt.

The Akron, Ohio-based manufacturer of Purell hand sanitizer and related products said it’s shifting into its next phase of pandemic response efforts and working closely with distributors to help ensure products are available at the front lines of the coronavirus.

GOJO’s Purell is perhaps the nation’s largest go-to product for Americans who have adopted best-practice measures to combat the coronavirus. But during the past week, GOJO has only shipped product intended for critical prioritized end-users as determined by the federal government under President Trump’s invoke of the Defense Production Act last week in an effort to expedite and expand the supply of critical resources from the U.S. industrial base to support critical infrastructure including healthcare, first responders, grocery stores, the U.S. military and certain government facilities.

“We will constantly evaluate our capacity against urgent demand and will make products available for other end-users as we are able,” said Samantha Williams, GOJO’s corporate communications senior director, in a statement. “We care deeply about protecting public health and about getting our products to all of the places and people where they are needed. We are being called upon during this difficult time to help safeguard those working so hard on the front lines to keep us all healthy and safe, and we are working with our distributor partners to rise to this challenge.”


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