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Plymovent’s New Product Eliminates Worries


Plymovent will debut its new MBD-Diluter Pro at FABTECH in Chicago, expanding its ability to clean the air in large production facilities.

By Janice Hoppe-Spiers, Knighthouse Media

For more than 40 years, Plymovent has specialized in the design, manufacture and sale of solutions for clean air at work worldwide. The company is renowned for its high-quality filtration and extraction units for both metal fabrication and vehicle exhaust extraction.

“Plymovent products define themselves by their high standards in terms of quality, appearance and functionality,” Research and Development Manager Jeroen Crezee says. “The products are designed with the user in mind to ensure metal fabricators can focus on their job without having to worry about the air they breathe.”

The industrial product line of Plymovent covers a wide range of products and solutions from small, single person use extraction units to centralized filter systems able to clean the air in complete factory halls. All of its products and solutions are based on state-of-the-art extraction and filtration technology, using energy-efficient fans, high-efficiency filter media and innovative filter cleaning mechanisms. PlymoventInfo

With a dedicated research and development team of 12 full-time employees, Plymovent continues to innovate new products and services. “Together with the sales team and service engineers, the R&D team gathers insights into the needs of our customers,” Crezee says. “By combining these insights with technology driven opportunities, the team creates solutions that we define as ahead of the curve innovations.”

MDB-Diluter Pro

In November at FABTECH in Chicago, Plymovent will debut the MDB-Diluter Pro that is tailored as a standalone filtration and extraction unit to clean the air of larger production facilities up to 5,000 square feet. “The fundamental base of this unit is our award-winning MultiDustBank, which entails state-of-the-art BiCo PTFE membrane filter cartridges, our RamAir filter cleaning system, and the latest control platform – the Plymovent ControlPro,” Crezee explains.

The MDB-Diluter Pro will allow large production facilities to clean the air with this plug-and-play unit without needing to install duct work. In addition, the ControlPro platform ensures substantial energy savings by combining PID fan control with intelligent filter cleaning.

“With the MDB-Diluter Pro installed, people working in metal fabrication workshops can completely focus on their jobs without worrying about the air they breathe,” Crezee says. “MDB-Diluter Pro will continuously circulate and filtrate the air, keeping background concentrations to an absolute minimum without interfering in any way with the job of the metal fabricators on the shop floor.”

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