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Abbott Steps Up with Game-Changing Test for Coronavirus


Talk about stepping up with something big at a critical time in history … as in the history of the world. This isn’t an exaggeration — the healthcare company Abbott Laboratories has done this.

The global healthcare manufacturer of medical devices and other products recently developed a coronavirus test that can deliver results in as little as five minutes for a positive result and 13 minutes for negative results. How many times have we heard during the coronavirus scare that people are being tested and not finding out their results for four days.

So here comes Abbott with the ID NOW COVID-19, which will run on the company’s ID NOW platform and provide rapid results in a wide range of healthcare settings such as physicians’ offices, urgent care clinics and hospital emergency departments. The Food and Drug Administration issued an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for the test, which is the fastest-available molecular point-of-care test available for the novel coronavirus.

Chicago-based Abbott is working with the U.S. government to deploy tests to areas where they can have the greatest impact.

“The COVID-19 pandemic will be fought on multiple fronts, and a portable molecular test that offers results in minutes adds to the broad range of diagnostic solutions needed to combat this virus,” said Robert B. Ford, president and chief operating officer for Abbott. “With rapid testing on ID NOW, healthcare providers can perform molecular point-of-care testing outside the traditional four walls of a hospital in outbreak hotspots.”

More than one medical professional has hailed Abbott’s invention as a “game changer” in the fight against the spread of coronavirus. That’s not an overplay. Not one bit.


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