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Coors Enters the Spiked Seltzer Market with a Sustainable Mission


Molson Coors recently entered the crowded spiked seltzer market with the launch of Coors Seltzer. The company hopes to differentiate its hard seltzer by marketing it as a sustainable alternative with a “mission to help save America’s rivers.”

Every 12-pack sold will restore 500 gallons of fresh water to the country’s rivers through a partnership with the environmental group Change the Course. Coors Seltzer has committed to restoring at least 1 billion gallons within its first year.

The Change the Course partnership works by scoping, vetting and funding a portfolio of on-the-ground water projects that help sustain healthy, flowing rivers. Coors Seltzer and Change the Course said it will first target 16 iconic river basins within 14 states, including projects for the Colorado, Missouri, Sacramento and Chicago rivers.

Supported projects will focus on modernizing irrigation, enhancing in stream flows, removing barriers, reducing pollution and restoring fish and wildlife habitat.

Americans drank 87 million gallons of hard seltzer this past summer, according to Nielsen. Coors Seltzer said it wants to help get America’s hard seltzer craze to “water neutral” by footing the bill on 175,000 12 packs to restore all of that hard seltzer volume consumed.

“Americans are drinking an astounding amount of hard seltzer, but it’s not doing much good,” said Matt Escalante, Molson Coors’ senior director of above premium flavors. “With the launch of Coors Seltzer and its Volunteer Program, we’re setting out to provide a seltzer that tastes good and also gives drinkers an opportunity to do good with each and every sip.”

By joining the Coors Seltzer Volunteer Program, consumers in select states will be offered a rebate to get their first 12-pack for free. America drinks and Coors Seltzer gets to work on restoring the country’s fresh water.

“If you want to change something in the world, you can’t ask people to change their lives to provoke that change,” said Paco Conde, founder, partner and creative lead at Activista, the agency that developed the creative for Coors Seltzer. “The most effective way to engage and inspire people is to leverage something they are already doing and pivot that action into a helping act. That’s the idea behind the Coors Seltzer Volunteer Program.”


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