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Disinfectant Wipe Manufacturers Say Shortage Will Continue


A lack of raw materials is the reason Clorox says it is unable to manufacture its disinfecting wipes to meet a significant increase in consumer demand, according to Business Insider. The company says its wipes are made of the same raw material — polyester spunlace — that is used in the production of personal protective equipment such as masks and gowns.

Clorox CEO Benno Dorer told Reuters the supply chain for disinfectant wipes is “very complex … That entire supply chain is stressed … we feel like it’s probably going to take until 2021 before we’re able to meet all the demand that we have,” he said.

In May, Dorer told CNBC that Clorox increased production by 40%, but couldn’t meet customer demand that had grown by as much as 500%. Seventh Generation, a manufacturer of green cleaning and hygiene products, said it delivered 63% more product in the first half of 2020 than in 2019, but demand spiked 400%.

“If ever anyone had a doubt that the products we make are essential for people to feel comfortable in their homes,” Vice President of Product Supply for P&G Family Care Rick McLeod said. “I think that question’s been answered.”



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