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Manufacturing Industry Updates

Fabrics Manufacturer Helps Supply U.S. Healthcare System with 5 Million Medical Gowns


Precision Textiles produced 10 million yards of material over the past few months out of its Medical Gown Series fabric line, which is enough to make 5 million hospital gowns for healthcare personnel.

In April, the Totowa, N.J.-based supplier of coated fabrics, nonwovens and laminations for the bedding, automotive, healthcare and home furnishings industries pivoted its operations to manufacturing medical grade fabrics for use in hospital gowns. Precision Textiles said its goal with the medical grade fabric line is to support the demand for domestically produced medical gowns for healthcare personnel on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Over the last few months, this segment of our business has grown rapidly,” said Scott Tesser, CEO. “Prior to the pandemic, this product line was a small portion of our business. Now, we are running at full capacity to help bridge the gap with domestic supply to meet the increased demand quickly as sales continue to grow.”

Precision Textiles’ Medical Gown Series fabric line includes materials to produce Levels 1 through 4 one-time use and multi-use medical gowns for low- to high-risk environments. The materials were shipped to government entities in New York City, Massachusetts and North Carolina to supply healthcare systems with PPE.