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Known for Vacuum Cleaners, Dyson Will Make Ventilators to Combat Shortage


Dyson is known for making vacuum cleaners, hand dryers, hair-care accessories, fans, heaters and other products. You can add ventilators to that list.


The United Kingdom government has asked Dyson to make 10,000 ventilators to help its healthcare system treat the many coronavirus victims who have been hospitalized. The UK-based company, founded by inventor James Dyson, has obliged.


According to reports, James Dyson shared a letter with employees stating that he received a phone call from British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in mid-March about building and manufacturing ventilators to offset a shortage of the life-saving products in the UK and elsewhere. Dyson said the company has refocused its resources and is working with The Technology Partnership (TTP) to design and build an entirely new ventilator, he CoVent, which can be manufactured quickly, efficiently and at volume.


“It is designed to address the specific clinical needs of Covid-19 patients, and it is suited to a variety of clinical settings,” Dyson said in his letter. “The core challenge was how to design and deliver a new, sophisticated medical product in volume and in an extremely short space of time. The race is now on to get it into production.”


Dyson’s digital motor is “the heart of the new device and the motor’s design is optimized to have a very high level of intrinsic safety, making it particularly well-suited for industrial, high volume production,” Dyson explained, adding in the letter that the device is designed to achieve a high-quality air supply to ensure its safety and effectiveness.


“I am eager to see this new device in production and in hospitals as soon as possible,” Dyson said. “This is clearly a time of grave international crisis. I will therefore donate 5,000 units to the international effort, 1,000 of which will go to the United Kingdom.”


Dyson is also looking at ways to make the CoVent available internationally. Dyson’s U.S. headquarters are in Chicago.


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