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Miami Technology Firm Wants to Reduce Paper Packaging Waste


Did you know that 58 billion paper coffee cups end up in landfills each year? While most consumers assume paper packaging such as coffee cups, pizza boxes and take-out containers are recycled, they are coated with polyethylene to prevent leaks, which makes them unfit for recycling.

J&J Green Paper, a Miami-based paper products technology firm, has spent the past 8 years developing an inventive solution to the challenge of paper waste, more than half of which is produced for packaging. The company’s compound is organic, biodegradable, compostable and recyclable, which means J&J Green Paper’s products don’t have any detrimental effects to the environment.

“We have created unique, environmentally friendly pellets that produce water resistant coatings for paper and paper packaging without the use of toxic oil-based products,” President Raul Sanchez-Elia said. “Companies and consumers no longer have to sacrifice quality to promote the environment.”

J&J Green Paper recently licensed its proprietary sustainable paper product formula to Hong Kong-based CST Green Resources Limited. CST plans to manufacture paper products using J&J’s technology in its facilities in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, and has plans to eventually distribute throughout the Association of Southeast Asian Nations region.

As a result of the deal, CST is expected to replace 50,000 tons of polyethylene during the first year and hopes to reach 300,000 tons by the third year. 50,000 tons of the J&J compound would equate to 26 billion 9-ounce coffee cups, the company said.

Photo credit: iStock.com/Catalin205


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