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TM Robotics Adds Free Robotics Consultation Service to Help Manufacturers Recover



The International Federation of Robotics has suggested that manufacturers adopting and investing in robots will be key to achieving growth against the ongoing challenges of COVID-19.

In response to the shifting needs of the manufacturing sector, TM Robotics recently launched a robotics consultation service to advise manufacturers on how automation can aid recovery and growth. The free consultation will help manufacturers determine the best approach to recovery, the company said.

“Manufacturers are experiencing unprecedented challenges,” said Nigel Smith, president and CEO of TM Robotics. “Some are frantically searching for ways to diversify, while others have dramatically increased or decreased output and have been forced to rethink their production methods. Naturally, different challenges require different approaches.”

Elk Grove, Ill.-based TM Robotics offers industrial robot installation. Consultations can be held virtually using a video conferencing service and will be hosted by one of TM Robotics’ robotic automation experts. Alternatively, consultations can be arranged by appointment.


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