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Manufacturing New Product Spotlight

KINETIC adds Features to its Reflex Wearable Device to Protect Workers


KINETIC, a maker of wearable technology for the industrial workforce, recently announced it has added automated proximity alerts and contact tracing capabilities to its Reflex wearable device to increase workplace safety during the pandemic.

The KINETIC Reflex is a smart wearable that can be worn on belts or waistbands of industrial workers. It automatically detects unsafe work postures and provides users with real-time feedback to reduce injuries and create better work habits.

The Reflex was updated with two features designed to keep workers safe from COVID-19:

  • Automated proximity alerts, which notify workers with a light vibration whenever they come within close contact of each other. This helps create awareness on proper social distancing practices and allows workers to limit their amount of close interactions, reducing the chance of exposure.
  • Contact tracing is a new tool that enables managers to identify contacts between workers. If a worker tests positive for the virus, management can protect the workforce by generating a report of everyone who could have potentially been exposed, as well as the duration of the contact.

“With COVID-19 infections among industrial workers forcing shutdowns everywhere from meatpacking plants to e-commerce distribution centers, there clearly is a need to better leverage smart technology to connect these workers and help protect them from infection,” KINETIC Co-founder and CEO Haytham Elhawary said.