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Manufacturing New Product Spotlight

KORSCH to Launch New Double Rotary Tablet Press Technology This Fall


KORSCH will introduce this fall a tablet press specifically developed for technical and chemical products with large formats, deeper filling depths and higher compression forces. The XT 600 HD Double Rotary Tablet Press maintains KORSCH’s exchangeable turret feature and offers high-speed production capabilities for both single-layer and bi-layer tablets.

The XT 600 HD is effective in the production of salt tablets, catalysts, detergents and fertilizer tablets, according to KORSCH. Complete with an “on the spot” punch lubrication system and optimized dust extraction, the XT 600 HD is designed for extended, continuous operation and provides premium efficiency in a 24/7 production environment.

KORSCH’s XT 600 HD features a 19-inch touchscreen and a Siemens or Allen-Bradley PLC platform, offering an intuitive, graphical HMI environment designed for reliability.


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