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Pfannenberg’s New Signaling Device Helps Flag Possible COVID-19 Infections


Pfannenberg Inc., a global manufacturer of thermal management and signaling technologies, recently debuted its PY L-S color-changing LED visual signal alarm. When paired with thermal imaging cameras, the alarm can help flag possible COVID-19 infections.

The PY L-S can comprise a skin surface temperature monitoring system that can flag individuals with elevated temperatures for further health screening. The device can be used in manufacturing facilities, office buildings, commercial centers, schools and medical centers. Pfannenberg said PY L-S can aid in ensuring infection containment and community health and safety through its color-changing, blinking and flashing mechanism.

The PY L-S LED visual signal alarm offers flexible, ultra-bright, color-changing or single-color LED technology to convey normal and irregular activity. The device can be surface or flush-panel mounted. Its IP 66-rated enclosure makes it suitable for use in all weather conditions.


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