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A Touchless Solution is at Hand from Working Safe America and Newco Enterprises

The “360” hand sanitizer station would be right at home on the floor of a convention center or other busy location.

For the past year, everyone has eagerly awaited a return to “normal.” Fortunately, now that multiple proven vaccines are in use, normal is coming into focus as schools bring students back into classrooms and restaurants in some states reopen for table service. Hopefully, it won’t be long before tradeshows, concerts and other mass-attendance events are no longer routinely cancelled.

That’s the good news. The challenge, however, is that a nation of involuntary homebodies will have to readjust to this new normal. Health and safety will be topmost in many people’s minds because the thought of mingling among hundreds of strangers is enough to give even the most social among us a little cause for concern.

What people need is something to set their minds at ease — something that tells them the mall, hotel or other environment they are visiting takes their concerns seriously and is looking out for them.

Two companies have combined efforts to do exactly that. Working Safe America, a distributor of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as face masks and alcohol wipes, and Newco Enterprises, a maker of “touchless” coffee and tea equipment for the office, have combined their areas of expertise to devise hand sanitizer stations that meet the unique challenges of highly trafficked places.

The new “180” hand sanitizer station provides two adjacent and yet socially separated dispenser units in a design suitable for entrance areas. For really big gatherings, the “360” station provides four dispensers that would be right at home on the floor of a busy convention center. The approximately 4-foot-tall stations also can be equipped to dispense PPE such as masks or wipes.

“The addition of PPE products to the dispenser is key for many locations because customers don’t always have a mask and this gives businesses a solution to make single-use, individually wrapped masks available alongside alcohol wipes, which are used at many locations to wipe down carts or baskets when customers enter,” explains Luke Webster, Working Safe America president and Newco director of business development.  Webster calls the stations “a complete solution” for its users.

“The idea for these sanitizer stations originated out of the need to be able to handle larger groups of people in an efficient and socially distanced way,” he says. The sanitizer dispensers and PPE products will be offered through both Working Safe America and Newco.

It’s important to note that we’re not talking about a jug of sanitizing solution that sits on a table or desk and that people must physically pump — if they happen to notice it and aren’t squeamish about touching it.

“These sanitizer stations are quite unique in a few different ways,” Webster notes. “One problem they solve is sanitizing larger groups of people quickly. With multiple dispense points, they are accessible from various directions and this allows for better crowd flow. The optional clear plexiglass shield further separates users from each other to support social distancing efforts.”

Each unit is internally loaded with a 1-gallon bottle of hand sanitizer locked in its internal frame. It can service more than 1,500 people before it needs to be replaced or refilled. Powered by a rechargeable battery pack, motion activation means all those people need never touch the unit.

“Sanitizing stations are likely a new normal, and our stainless steel-quality unit made in the USA supports recovery efforts and ensures a long-lasting, high-quality product that is an investment in safety,” Webster points out.

Working Safe America and Newco Enterprises can customize the units with a company’s logo and branding. This helps reinforce the message that the venue’s owner is taking steps to protect visitors.

Webster says Working Safe America and Newco Enterprises have tested the units “extensively” at their design center and have several more on trial at various client locations, including with a growing number of professional sports organizations.

This is a new product for both companies, but Newco in particular is no stranger to entering new markets with innovative products. Indeed, its first coffee brewer was introduced in 1974 after the founders listened to users describe their needs and preferences. “Listening to our customer has always been something we try to do,” says Joe Webster, co-founder of Newco.

The senior Webster notes that the company continues to adapt to marketplace demands. Only this time, instead of providing a better cup of coffee, “We are trying to create solutions to get people back to work.”

That’s a tougher goal, but Working Safe America Founder and CEO Greg Sidwell explains the company is able to meet such challenges with “the discipline to follow up. Whatever the next step is, whatever the next task is, regardless of who you need to follow up with — make sure you do it with a sense of determination and urgency.”

Luke Webster, who represents the second generation of his family to work in the business, agrees. “We make it a point to listen to our customers to find out what exactly their needs are and how we can develop products to help them,” he says. “We have great teams at both Working Safe America and Newco with the shared goal supporting our customers as they navigate what is right for them in a constantly changing environment.”

Safety First

Working Safe America was founded in 2020 by seasoned professionals to help businesses do exactly that: work safely even in the face of challenges like the pandemic. Some facts about the company:

  • All Working Safe America’s products are FDA-registered.
  • The company partners with and supplies a large number of vending, foodservice and manufacturing companies with core PPE products such as masks, gloves, sanitizer and alcohol wipes, as well as custom-order items.
  • Working Safe America created its own OmegaClean brand to give customers access to safe, high-quality products.