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Learn How Inno-Pak Provides Peace of Mind

The Handle Cuffs™ Tamper-Evident Bag Seals are designed to protect delivery and carryout food orders from tampering by delivery workers looking for a quick snack.


When Inno-Pak LLC begins work on a new product, it prides itself on developing a long-term solution for its clients and their challenges. “Our tagline is ‘Innovation — it’s what we do,’” CEO Jon Sill declares.

The Delaware, Ohio-based company executes on this promise to its customers in all areas of its operations. “[This ranges] from packaging, packaging design and graphic design capabilities to our information systems, our manufacturing and distribution operations, as well as our logistics department,” he describes.

This philosophy has made the packaging solutions company a success since its start in 1992. It also helped Inno-Pak develop its latest product, the Handle Cuffs™ Tamper-Evident Bag Seals, which are designed to protect delivery and carryout food orders from tampering by delivery workers looking for a quick snack.

The paper cuffs, which are made from sustainably forested paperboard, can be slipped over the top of twist handle paper bags. After one is sealed to the bag, it can only be opened by tearing a pull strip on the Handle Cuffs.

This gives the customer a clear indication of whether or not his or her meal was tampered with before it arrived. A 2019 study from US Foods shows that this is a major problem within the foodservice industry. 

The food company reported that 28% of deliverers surveyed nationwide admitted to taking food from an order, while 54% admitted they were tempted. It is also a problem that Sill and his colleagues at Inno-Pak have encountered first hand.

“We feel we have received orders where someone has helped themselves to some of the food in the bag,” he says. The company also found issues with the techniques that restaurants used to ensure meals were not tampered with, including using staples and labels to keep bags shut.

“We’ve been able to reduce the per-piece costs by scaling up the program and streamlining our manufacturing process.”

The staples, Sill explains, are not a safe option, since they can come loose and fall into the food, while labels still allow side gussets to be pulled out and give wandering hands easy access into the food inside. In comparison, “The Handle Cuffs product is a quick, reliable and foolproof way to secure those same deliveries,” he states.

A Safe, Low-Cost Measure

Inno-Pak finalized the design for the Handle Cuffs in February 2020 and launched the product this past April. Over the past few months, the company has received “sizable” orders and interest in the product, Sill reports.

Not only do restaurateurs and grocers want to prevent order tampering and food theft but also provide customers with peace of mind during the coronavirus pandemic by ensuring their food has not been contaminated. “We’ve definitely seen an interest,” Creative Director Nathan Schultz says.

Inno-Pak’s satisfied foodservice and restaurant clients also appreciate the ability to personally customize the Cuffs. From a graphic standpoint, the products “can be a blank canvas for any brand,” Schultz explains. “The additional branding and brand recognition that custom Handle Cuffs add are a great opportunity to show your brand takes food safety and tampering seriously.”

The Handle Cuffs also provide clients with the ability to stay safe without breaking their budgets. Many are coping with the costs of packaging and third-party delivery services, but Inno-Pak provides the products at an economical price point, Sill asserts.

“We’ve been able to reduce the per-piece costs by scaling up the program and streamlining our manufacturing process,” he says, adding that Handle Cuffs cost significantly less than the average paper bag and work with all handled bags.

This eliminates the need for customers to buy additional SKUs of expensive bags by making all of their current ones tamper evident. “It’s a really good investment that provides them with peace of mind,” Sill says. 

Ready to Go

Inno-Pak has plans to launch a new variation of the Handle Cuffs product soon. This version, Sill explains, will be specifically used for non-handled bags that are commonly used by quick-service restaurants. 

Once again, the product can be placed over the top of the bag and seals it shut. “It’s an easy way to make the bags tamper evident,” he says. “We have it set up and ready to go for anyone interested in this new version.”

Sill also sees more products ahead for Inno-Pak, which will continue to manufacture them with sustainability at top of mind. Previously, the company launched the certified compostable line of INNOBOX EDGE Carry Out Cartons, which are the first of their kind in the takeout space.

Inno-Pak also will remain focused on adding additional innovative and sustainable products to its catalog. “We’ve got various products that we’re going to add to grow that market segment,” he predicts.