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Because It Just Makes Sense for These Two Entities to Get Together


It’s a partnership that makes great sense — like peanut butter and jelly.

But this time it’s cereal and milk, specifically General Mills Big G cereal and the got milk? campaign. The two entities announced a partnership where General Mills is debuting special, limited-edition packaging on popular cereals featuring their beloved characters — such as Buzz, Lucky, Trix Rabbit and more — donning the famous got milk? mustache.

“We believe in the power of cereal and milk to be an easy, affordable and delicious way to deliver the nutrients people need with the taste they love,” said Amy Cohn, senior nutrition manager at Minneapolis-based General Mills. “And for kids who eat cereal, 53% of their daily milk consumption comes from pouring cereal and milk together. So, while General Mills cereal and milk have been a perfect pairing for a long time, we’re thrilled to officially come together to share this important message through our iconic characters.”

General Mills and the Milk Processor Education Program, which created the got milk? campaign, said the partnership is aimed at highlighting the benefits of cereal and milk, including:

Top-notch nutrition: Cereal is a good source of whole grain, fiber and several vitamins and minerals at breakfast, while dairy milk is a strong source of calcium and Vitamin D as well as a high-quality source of protein.

Affordability: General Mills cereal with dairy milk costs an average of just $0.50 per serving, according to the two organizations.

Simplicity: Cereal and milk make it quick and easy for busy families to start their day with the nutrition they need.

“Now more than ever, families are looking for quick and affordable ways to get the nutrition they need,” said Yin Woon Rani, CEO of the Milk Processor Education Program. “A bowl of cereal and milk is always a winning combination and an easy way for parents to feel confident that their kids are starting the day off right. Our goal with this campaign is to provide inspiration and tools that are accessible to all parents to help make breakfast fun and nutritious. We think breakfast is the perfect time to make sure families got milk? in the year ahead and beyond.”

The limited-edition boxes will include coupons on the back of the boxes. Shoppers can also get $2 back via digital rebate when they buy 2 gallons of dairy milk and two boxes of General Mills Big G cereal.