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Here’s Something Retailers Should Know About E-Commerce in a Post-Pandemic World


E-commerce has grown up fast during the pandemic. One study estimated that e-commerce growth has accelerated about five years in the last six months. For some retailers, e-commerce has been a godsend to stay in business.

So, it’s no surprise that Suzy, an on-demand consumer insights platform, recently found that 86% of consumers say they will shop online more or the same post-pandemic. New York-based Suzy said it examined the online shopping habits of 1,000 U.S. consumers in August to find its results for its “State of the Consumer: The E-Shopping Revolution Study.”

“Despite the overwhelming toll the pandemic has taken on industries across the board, there’s a new story emerging in retail, as consumers have been forced to change their purchasing habits,” said Suzy President Avi Savar. “Given this, consumers are now embracing online shopping more than ever before, which is creating new online buying habits and fast-tracking the popularity of e-commerce.”

Suzy also found that consumer confidence in online shopping is soaring, as 91% of shoppers feel they can find everything or most things online and aren’t worried about online product availability.

Other findings from Suzy’s State of the Consumer: The E-Shopping Revolution Study include:

• Personal care products (57%), groceries (50%), and electronics (44%) are the top three products online shoppers feel most comfortable buying online.

• About half of online shoppers (49%) feel texts from brands are helpful and like them. Twenty-five percent of shoppers disagree and find texts from brands intrusive.

• Most online shoppers (65%) have not used AI/virtual reality to test new products at home.

The study also found that consumers say Amazon, Walmart, Target and Nike have made online shopping easiest for customers.


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