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How Stacy’s Is Making It Easier to Support Female-Founded Businesses


One of the biggest challenges for female company founders is getting people to know that their companies were founded by females. That’s according to the “Rise of the Female Founder” survey conducted earlier this year by Stacy’s Pita Chips.

In that survey, 67% of consumers said they wish it were easier to find products and services from female-founded businesses, and 79% said they think it’s important to see more female-founded businesses in their communities. That’s why Stacy’s recently launched a new packaging innovation featuring a QR code that directs consumers to nearby female-founded businesses once it’s scanned with a mobile phone. Stacy’s goal is to make it easier than ever to support female entrepreneurs, and the company believes its QR code will help to do so.

The Stacy’s “Female Founder Finder” bags debuted in stores nationwide in late October, featuring artwork by illustrator Libby VanderPloeg. While QR codes are experiencing a resurgence in popularity thanks to their contactless nature, the Female Founder Finder directory is also searchable online at www.femalefounderfinder.com, offering direct access to more than 13,000 women-owned businesses.

“The Stacy’s Rise Project is a testament to harnessing resources and collaborating with like-minded allies for the benefit of female founders,” said Ciara Dilley, vice president of marketing for Frito-Lay, the PepsiCo division that operates Stacy’s.

Among the businesses featured in the directory are the 30 brands and companies founded by the women currently taking part in the 2020 Stacy’s Rise Project, the brand’s grant and mentorship program that this year includes mentorship sessions with international soccer stars, gender equality advocates and fellow entrepreneurs Tobin Heath and Christen Press. After receiving more than 1,600 applications, the Stacy’s Rise Project launched in July with 15 women being awarded a $10,000 grant, executive mentorship and professional advertising services to advance their businesses. It then expanded in September to include an additional 15 Black women, given that women of color annually receive only 0.2% of venture capital funding1.

The 30 participants of the 2020 Stacy’s Rise Project span a number of different industries from across the country and, in addition to the $10,000 business grant, executive mentorship, and professional advertising services, their businesses are also spotlighted on the Stacy’s Amazon HerCommerce Hub at www.amazon.com/stacys.

The specially marked Stacy’s Female Founder Finder bags are available at retailers nationwide while supplies last.

Click here for more information on the Stacy’s Rise Project.